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Sustainability At a Glance

Thai WAH

Commitment to promote solid business growth while joining with our stakeholders in creating value in a sustainable manner

Thai Wah, as a company in the agriculture and food industry, we strives to operating our business with a core value of delivering food products to consumers throughout the world under economic, social and environmental aspects. Thai Wah is driven by our core purpose to create innovation and sustainability from Farm to Shelf with commitment across all aspects of our value chain from farm, sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain and delivery.

Thai Wah has set 3 sustainable development goals, which are Develop Sustainable raw material sources, Help to develop communities that provide a healthier life, including recycling resources to maximize the benefit, and Enhance the quality of life, which leads to better health in the future as well as supporting 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ), which are relevant with the Company’s capacity and potential to mobilize sustainable development in all steps of our production process and help to improve the living standards and sustainable economic growth in the long-term.

THAI WAH Sustainability Strategies

Thai Wah, we believe that sustainable cannot do it alone, it must arise through collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, that leads to the development of the organizational growth. Sustainability strategy is not just the long-term goals, but it has to be a part of dairy operation. Integration of sustainability strategy with a business foundation will foster successful partnerships with society for the Sustainable Growth.

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