Amidst the rapidly changing technologies and a fiercely competitive business environment, organizations need to be well prepared and be resilient in any situation. Human resource development is a key to strengthening and promoting sustainable growth of the Company.

Human Resource Development

In 2019, the Company had a total of 3,110 employees. Thai Wah also has the policy to hire and promote the employment prospect of people with disabilities to enhance their quality of life, empower them, and support the people with disabilities in realizing their full potential. In 2019, the Company hired 31 disabled people in accordance with the law, which requires a company to hire one disabled person for every 100 employees hired.

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The Ration of Persons with Disabilities to all Employees
2018 2019
1 : 100 1 : 100
Proportion PF Male Employees to Female Employees
2018 2019
2.5 : 1 2.5 : 1
Number of All Employees
2018 2019
2,040 3,110

Career Development Program

Thai Wah has systematically initiated a career development program and restructure our human resource management to accommodate the Company’s rapid changes in various aspects. In planning for career development, employee competency has been analyzed to know their true potentiality according to the following development models:

Thai Wah Leadership Academy (TLA) Program

Thai Wah Management recognizes that human resources are an essential factor for organizational development, and the building of new generation executives is also a goal the Company must place great importance on. Thai Wah Leadership Academy (TLA), is thus, designed to develop potential employees to become new generation management through the heredity of DNA, that is, transfer of success and experiences from the former and current generation executives, which have been designed to maximize learning capacity based on the principle of 70-20-10, as follows:

Leaders at the executive level had a chance to attend virtual classes under Thai Wah Leadership Academy (TLA) to enhance their leadership and be prepared for the changing of business environment. TLA has been designed to develop the organization’s human resources and innovation with the contents that are in line with the current global situation.

  • Leaders in COVID-19 Crisis: Powerful Ways to Lead Your Team
  • Design Thinking for Leaders
  • Brain-Based Leadership in the Digital Era
  • Be an Inspirational Leader
  • The Innovative Leader
  • Coaching Skill: A Tool to Groom Your People & Yourself
Develop all level
Develop some level
Emloyee Level Core Competency Functional Competency Leadership Competency Managerial Competency

Human Rights and Good Labor Practices

The Company has placed importance on human rights management in compliance with the business code of conduct and international human rights standards. The Board of Directors and/or senior management are expected to monitor and ensure that human rights are not violated in any of the Company’s activity, nor human rights violation due to any act or decision made by the Company.