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Aside from business operations, Thai Wah recognizes the importance of building sustainable relations with the community. With our sustainable responsibility and respect to society and environment, the Company’s plant management system has been set to avoid environmental impact, for example, the use of clean energy (solar energy to minimize carbon emission), efficient water and wastewater treatment system, and biogas system which is the source for our alternative energy. The Company also commits to enhance our role in promoting long-term community development through developing innovations that encourage the sustainability community and providing support for education, funds, and local community development.

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Safety and Occupational Healthy

Recognizing the significance of occupational health and safety, both for the employees and in the production process, the Company strives to ensure that our employees and business partners perform their duty at full capacity in a safe and pleasant work environment and occupational health. We have strictly complied with all applicable laws, and national and international standards, as well as our related regulations and policy, in a bid to avoid risks associated with the working environment as well as occupational health and safety. The Company also sets a role model and promotes awareness on corporate social responsibility as well as encourages personnel to be satisfied in the long-term.

Energy Usage Efficiency throughout the Production Process

Nowadays, the global temperature rise has become inevitable due to climate change and global warming, the consequences of population increase, economic growth, and technology advancement. Thai Wah is well aware that the efficient use of natural resources and nature conservation are critical factors to economic mobilization and social development.

Social and Community Development

Online English Language Learning Program
Thai Wah, with the collaboration of leading English language schools accredited by Ministry of Education, has launched an English language learning program via an application installed in the tablets of the elementary students (Grade 1 to 6). The program features 4 hours of English language class per week to develop listening, spoken, reading, and writing skills. Technologies have been adopted to enable interaction between native language teachers and the students. In 2019, 40 students who have participated in the program.
Young Master Chef THAIWAH Program
In 2019, Thai Wah organized the 2nd Young Master Chef THAIWAH Competition at Bang Lane Witthaya School in Nakhon Pathom province. The aim is to provide opportunity for students to demonstrate cooking skills, and to use imagination and creativity in creating new menus with pride and happiness.
Scholarship Program
The Company provides scholarships to children of employees who excel in their study, with the intention to alleviate the burden of our employees on educational expenses and boost their morale and loyalty with the Company. The scholarship presentation ceremony for 2019 was held on December 13, 2019, in Banglen sub-district, Nakhon Pathom Province, 19 students have been granted a scholarship that day.