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TWPC was selected in FTSE SET Shariah Index, starts 21st of June 2021 Ensure the quality of leading company - Raise the investment attractiveness

BackJun 21, 2021

Thai Wah Public Company Limited (TWPC) enjoys their result of the review for FTSE SET Shariah Index, which will be effective on 21st of June this year. This emphasizes the leading position as a listed company and raise the attractiveness of both domestic and international institutional investors. Mr. Ho Ren Hua, CEO, said that being in the FSTSH Index will support the opportunity of expanding new investors both domestically and internationally, and raise corporate awareness at a global level which could support the business expansion in the future. He is confident of move towards new product development to achieve growth target of 10% this year.

Mr. Ho Ren Hua, CEO of TWPC, mentioned, after the announcement of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and FTSE Russell of semi-annual review for FTSE SET Index Series, effective on the 21st of June onwards, the Company really appreciates being selected to the FTSE SET Shariah Index (FSTSH). The Index is the international stock index which can expand the opportunity of new investors base both domestically and internationally and raise the corporate awareness at a global level to increase the potential in the business expansion in the future.

FSTSH Index is a tool suitable for every investor who is interested in sustainability investment. Using the FTSE SET All-Share Index as the base universe, companies are screened against Shariah principles, for example, Liquidity screening and Good Corporate Governance. Currently there are 2 mutual funds referring to the FTSE SET Shariah Index as their benchmark namely, MFC Islamic Fund (MIF) and MFC Islamic Long Term Equity Fund (MIF-LTF).

“Being selected in the FSTSH Index emphasizes the Company as a leading listed company with a good growth trend, builds more confidence to the investor locally and internationally, promote business partner acceptance, and supports business expansion.”