TWPC is confident in 2021 result: Export Surge - Weak Baht

BackSep 09, 2021

Ms. Orn-A-Nong Witchucharn, Chief Financial Officer and Ms. Ratinan Wongwatcharanon, Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainability of Thai Wah Public Company Limited (TWPC), presented business overview to investors, analysts and press in the Opportunity Day event through an online platform. The Company is confident in strong growth in the second half of 2021, which is supported by an increase in tapioca starch demand, higher export price, and baht weakness. And the proportion of food export increased due to ease of lockdown measures in many countries. The Company is ready to move towards a new business, “Bio-plastic” from agricultural products. Bioplastic can be 100% biodegraded, which are used for packaging and agricultural usage. The bioplastic production is estimated to start by the beginning of 2022 and recognize the full revenue in the same year. The event was held recently.