TWPC attended sustainability leadership meeting GCNT Forum 2021 under the theme "A New Era of Accelerated Actions" to support sustainable business and solve global warming

BackOct 11, 2021

Thai Wah Public Company Limited (TWPC) has been invited to attend GCNT Forum 2021, the online sustainability leadership meeting platform held by Global Compact Network Thailand and United Nations in Thailand under the theme of “A New Era of Accelerated Actions” on 11 Oct 2021. Presided by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, the forum has objective to pull efforts from members in the private and public sectors as well as United Nations, elevate determination, define solutions, and explore opportunities to handle the crisis from climate change. This also reiterates Thailand’s sustainability leadership in the agriculture and food industries, which has declared its intention to have net zero emissions of greenhouse gas, solve the problem of greenhouse gas emission efficiently, support sustainable development from factory to international levels.

Mr. Ho Ren Hua, Chief Executive Officer of Thai Wah Public Company Limited or TWPC, the producer and exporter of tapioca starch and market leader of vermicelli and noodles, reveals that as the Company in the agriculture and food industries, which is determined to operate business with strategy to deliver food products to consumers around the world, covering all areas of economic, social and environmental, sees importance to solve global warming and drive the society to be sustainable and environmentally friendly in long term. It will promote and support collaboration among public, private, and local sectors as well as farmers in communities to lower greenhouse gas. Moreover, it targets to have net zero emissions of greenhouse gas within 2050-2070 together with defining management guidelines to reduce greenhouse gas emission in long term and managing such the problem efficiently in a bid to build sustainable development and tackle global warming.

“This declaration of intention is vital and complies with our major policy that started driving sustainable agriculture from plantation together with promoting environment protection whether it is to measure the organization’s greenhouse gas emissions continuously to publish information and find ways to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that persist throughout the value chain. This will eventually lead to the formation of management guidelines, efficiently reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon storage as well as promoting environmentally friendly behavior of all stakeholders,” he said.

“Currently, Thai Wah has implemented a strategy to increase the efficiency of renewable energy usage by bringing wastes from the production process such as cassava pulp and wastewater to ferment into biogas and then produce energy for use in the production and installing solar panels on the factory’s rooftop. It also includes the production of bioplastic pellets or the “bioplastics” project, which is an extension of the Company’s cassava starch production, and it is 100% biodegradable and can be used in a variety of applications such as containers, plastic bags, and general agricultural products. This can help reduce the environmental problems from increasing plastic wastes. Additionally, the production process of bioplastic from cassava will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5 times when compared to the petroleum-based plastic. And all of these can help reduce global warming problems in the future,” Mr. Ho Ren Hua concluded.