TWPC establishes "Thai Wah Ventures" investing startups Focus on creating technological innovations - strengthening business potential in the future

BackNov 15, 2021

Thai Wah Public Company Limited (TWPC) has recently established the “Thai Wah Ventures” fund to expand investments in start-up businesses or businesses with high growth potential and ability to enhance the growth of the core business. Thai Wah Ventures aim to invest in four areas: Farm Innovation and Agricultural Technology; B2B Business Supply Chain Data Analysis; Bioplastics and Production Waste Recycling; Including New Food Ingredients and Processing Technologies, with the aim to enhance business potential to grow beyond the current advancements in technology innovation in agriculture and food industry leading in Southeast Asia so as to prepare for rapid changes in the future. "Ho Ren Hua", Chief Executive Officer, has set a target of a double-digit percentage of revenue from Thai Wah Venture within 3-5 years. He is confident that this can support the growth of the group's business to be more solid and sustainable.

The Company has set an investment budget of 1-2 million US dollars per year to invest in 2-3 startups. A target of revenue proportion of Thai Wah Venture has been set at a two-digit of total revenue within the next 3-5 years. From the present, 80% of the revenue contributes from the starch business and the other 20% contributes from food business.

“Covid-19 crisis affects all business sectors around the world, therefore, the Company has the idea to drive business with technological innovation and drive development from farm-to-shelf to cover both the ecosystem and the regions where the company operates. Thus, Thai Wah Ventures has been established to invest in businesses with high growth potential. The Company believes that the opportunity and income of investing in startup business is very high as, currently, Thai Wah is one of the leaders in starch and starch-related food products throughout Southeast Asia and we has the ability and potential to collaborate with startups involved in the agriculture and food industry in all dimensions. The role of the Company is to bring 75 years of expertise in a variety of agriculture to develop distinct food solutions or new applications which, in addition to opening the market and bringing knowledge and technology be applied to the organization including preparing and dealing with rapid changes in the future that will already happen, it also supports the growth potential of the group of companies to be continuously strong and increase competitiveness in the future as well,” said Mr. Ho Ren Hua.