TWPC launching a new product line "DOUBLE DRAGON ASIAN INSPIRED" Ready to Cook food with 5 menus, willing to penetrate the New Generation market, health conscious people, and Guaranteed tasting by the Iron Chefs

BackMay 31, 2017

“Ho Ren Hua” CEO of Thai Wah PCL or TWPC launching a new product line under brand “DOUBLE DRAGON ASIAN INSPIRED”, a Ready-to-cook food with 5 menus to penetrate markets in the Americas and Europe follow the market trends. The products provide the highest-quality of No Preservatives-No MSG Added-Non GMO-Gluten Free-No Artificial Colors to serve for health-conscious people, and Guaranteed tasting by the Iron Chefs. Believe in the bright future for the next generation.

Mr. Ho Ren Hua, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Thai Wah Public Company Limited (TWPC), the manufacture and distribute tapioca starch products and starch-related products as well as a leader in food products in Thailand such as vermicelli, disclosed that Thai Wah is launching a new product line under brand, Double Dragon Asian Inspired Noodle Kit : DD Asian Inspired, a Ready-to-cook food with 5 menus including Casserole, Pad Thai, Kra Prao Basil, Green Curry, and Tom Yum. Its products are available in both domestically and internationally mainly an export market as Ready-to-cook food is growing steadily in the global market especially in the Americas and Europe.

On the strength of DD Asian Inspired is a high quality bean vermicelli and rice noodle, which has soft and tender texture coming with a Signature Sauce that has a wonderful silky smooth texture from carefully selected ingredients and healthy, deliver key strengths of Gluten free, No Preservatives, No MSG Added, No Artificial Colors, and Non GMO. These products are expected to meet the demanding of health conscious people in the future as well as embrace home cooking trend by focusing on convenience and delicious menu.

“Our strategic plan is to explore new markets in order to expand customer base in the Americas and Europe as Ready-to-cook food market continues to grow rapidly in line with consumers' demand for convenience, time-saving, and healthy, especially Asian flavors are becoming more popular. In addition, DD Asian Inspired is the only brand in the market are guaranteed by famous iron chefs so that we believed that new products will get a good response and will be another one important factor that contribute to TWPC’s revenues and growing stronger in the future” Mr. Ho Ren Hua said.