TWPC attended Singapore-Malaysia roadshow The feedback was better than expected as confident of strong 2H17 performance.

BackSep 18, 2017

Thai Wah PCL or TWPC attended roadshow in Singapore – Malaysia and very proud with positive feedback after present the business strategy and continuing its growth potential because the Company is in the food industry, which is an important industry in the world. Mr. Ho Ren Hua, CEO, confident of strong second half performance virtue into the high season of tapioca starch production in Thailand.

Mr. Ho Ren Hua, Chief Executive Officer and director, Thai Wah Public Company Limited (TWPC), the manufacture and distribute tapioca starch products and starch-related products as well as a leader in food products, such as fresh and dry vermicelli noodle in Thailand, disclosed that the Company attended roadshow in order to present the information of the company to investors in Malaysia and Singapore in September, which was in cooperation by Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand).

For the results of this roadshow, there are high demand from foreign investors interested in TWPC, reflecting on an importance of foreign investors in investing in Thai listed companies, which the overall growth rate is still in good direction at the present. Moreover, TWPC's business has also attracted investors because it is in the food industry, which is one of the most important factor in living and plenty of room for future expansion as well as it has the ability to create impressive profit margins.

"This roadshow aim to present the company's information to foreign investors in each country. The main purpose is to make a relationship with new investors in order to broaden the investor bases and provide foreign investors with a better understanding of the company's business including the business strategy, future growth potential, and the ability to generate profit. This is to strengthen and create a good return to shareholders. This is to strengthen and create a good return to shareholders. The response of this trip was satisfactory with a very positive response from investors, "said Mr. Ho Ren Hua.

Chief Executive Officer and Director of Thai Wah Public Company Limited (TWPC) also informed that TWPC's second-half business outlook is believed to be recovery as a high season for tapioca starch production in Thailand, which is expected that the operating results of tapioca starch business in the second half will grow more than the first half. This also in line with the expansion of High Valued-Added products, which has higher margin as well as be able to support sales and profit growth.

For the business strategy of the food business, the Company has expanded its customer base through domestic Vansales to reach out to a wide range of wet market and food operators across the country. Hence, in the first half of the year, Vansales' food business grew by 34% compared to the same period last year. In addition, the Company has set an investment budget of approximately Baht 1,000-2,000 million to support its growth potential in the long term.