TWPC presented to securities marketing and analysts of AEC Securities

BackApr 02, 2018

Ms. Orn-A-Nong Witchucharn (2nd from right), Chief Financial Officer and Miss Ratinan Wongwatcharanon, Investor Relations Manager, Thai Wah Public Company Limited or TWPC, took a picture with Mr. Chatthapat Suttitak (2nd from left), Chief Marketing Officer, AEC Securities Wah Public Company Limited, after presented the Company's business strategies and performances to securities marketing and analysts of AECS. TWPC is confident in revenue growth in 2018 as the tapioca starch still has a very strong demand from the world market. Moreover, the Company also ensures that the volume of tapioca starch sales in this year will increase over the previous year because exports demand still expanded, the export price of tapioca starch is recovering at its highest point in the past 5 years, and start generate revenue from its new plant in Cambodia and Biomass power plants in Udon Thani.

For the food business, the Company still aims to expand its customer base both domestically and internationally. Particularly, this year will start to generate revenue from the new vermicelli factory in Vietnam and will continue to develop new products to the market regularly to meet the needs of customers.