TWPC was selected as a prototype company for SET Sustainability Reporting Guidelines program

BackAug 23, 2018

Ms. Orn-A-Nong Witchucharn, Chief Financial Officer and Miss Ratinan Wongwatcharanon, Investor Relations Manager, Thai Wah Public Company Limited (TWPC) take a photo with the management of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) after visiting the company. TWPC was selected as one of the five listed companies that have participated in the Sustainability Report program according to the SET Sustainability Reporting Guidelines in order to develop as a prototype company.

Sustainability report is now very important in addition to the Company's performance, can be cause to the decision or confidence to the Company. Especially, the current investment trends as the global investors are more focus on the Environment, Social and Governance aspects because they believe that the operations that take into account these issues will lead to sustainable growth.

TWPC is a manufacturer and exporter of tapioca starch and the market leader, especially fresh and dry vermicelli noodle in Thailand. The Company always focus on these issues; focus on social and environmental responsibility, continues to operate according to corporate governance principles.