Thaiwah launch first Solar Rooftop project at Banglen

BackAug 26, 2019

"Solar energy" is a renewable energy source that are resources found naturally in the earth. It is clean energy that generate from solar roof system to convert sunlight into electricity without making pollution and high potential energy.

Thai Wah Public Company Limited is a listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, as we are the leader in vermicelli manufacturers, the Company have placed priority on energy conservation. We therefore want to be a role of representative for another factories to concerns and awareness of the energy conservation and help reduce global environmental problems through Solar Roof Top project in order to reduce the energy consumption and find and develop alternative energy sources to maximize benefits to the factory and community.

Under the Company’s Energy Conservation Policy, we together find various ways to reduce the energy consumption and find the alternative energy sources. The Company compensate for the electricity from using fossil fuels by using Bio Energy from Bio Gas. For Banglen factory, we have promoted the reduction of electrical energy by creating a Solar Roof to comply with the energy conservation policy. Solar energy is also about clean energy and non-toxic environment. The Company consider itself to be a matter that responds to our company’s policy and to save on the Company’s energy costs.

Benefits of the Solar Roof Top Project

Solar Roof Top can reduce electricity consumption by approximately 5 million baht per year. Currently, total energy consumption was 36 million baht, so we can save money on production costs and can divided some part of the cost savings value in response to community. Whether promoting cassava farmers to planting an organic varieties, improve the price of cassava roots or support school activities, such as Master Chef Junior, a cooking contest by using various products. This is the 2nd year that we held.

Thai Wah Public Company Limited therefore would like to encourage other companies or factories that have any available roof space to started a Solar Rooftop project in order to prevent global warming together and will also saving energy for the company itself.