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At present, our products are manufactured and internationally distributed to ASEAN countries and over 26 countries around the world. Our quality food and starch products are made from selected raw materials through our expertise in tapioca starch and starch related food products.

Another most important thing is the consistency of the quality of starch products. We pay special attention to every single detail of the production and creation process right from the farm to the hand of the consumers. As one of the leading corporates in the agro-food industry, we place extreme importance on the uplift of quality and safety throughout the whole process. We commit and strive to continue developing our products for the best hygiene of consumers and everyone in the society through the collaboration with business partners, food institutes, and leading universities to develop new innovations in starch for sustainable leadership of our products in the market.

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Product Performance innovations focus to improve nutritional outcomes

2019 2020
Number of consumer healthy and wellness products 0 3
Developed products that focus on health and wellness to new product (%) 0 50%

Enhancing Quality and Food Safety

International Conference

Thai Wah took part in the 7th International Conference on Bio-Based Polymers (ICBP 2019), held by the Petroleum and Petrochemical College, Chulalongkorn University, under the topic “Bio-Based Polymers for Bio-Circular-Green Economy”. The conference is aimed to expand and take forward knowledge on bioplastic (biodegradable plastics made from tapioca starch) development. The Company’s participation in the conference demonstrated our commitment to mobilize circular economy through promoting bio-based materials for sustainable development.