At present, our products are manufactured and internationally distributed to ASEAN countries and over 32 countries around the world. Our quality food and starch products are made from selected raw materials through our expertise in tapioca starch and starch related food products.

Another most important thing is the consistency of the quality of starch products. We pay special attention to every single detail of the production and creation process right from the farm to the hand of the consumers. As one of the leading corporates in the agro-food industry, we place extreme importance on the uplift of quality and safety throughout the whole process. We commit and strive to continue developing our products for the best hygiene of consumers and everyone in the society through the collaboration with business partners, food institutes, and leading universities to develop new innovations in starch for sustainable leadership of our products in the market.

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Thai Wah Innovation Hub

An Innovative Research Center has been established by Thai Wah at the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University to support research and development on food and health, as well as R&D of products for sustainability, in the forms of research grants or joint researches with the Faculty of Science or other faculties of Chulalongkorn University. The aim is to produce more of the researchers who are specialized in the fields that match the Company’s needs, and to conveniently build upon the research results for commercial purpose. Thai Wah has also forged cooperation network with other public and private research institutes to jointly conduct R&D for the manufacturing of new healthy products into the market.

2019 2020 Target 2021
Research and development expenses (million baht) 3.66 2.97 2.85
Number of research and development personnel (person) 11 14 14
Number of patents and petty patents None None 1

Ideation Hub @Sathorn

Innovation Hub @Chula

Application Hub @Shanghai

Meeting with Business Partners

The Company organized a seminar on “Breaking Through COVID-19 Crisis Towards Food Business New Normal in 2021” to show our appreciation toward all customers and business partners who have always been the crucial driving forces of Thai Wah’s business. They were also given an insight on the changing trends of store owners and consumers, which would help them adapt during the New Normal. We also wanted to forge relationship and work together with our business partners in laying out Thai Wah’s marketing plan in order to come up with the products that better suit the consumers’ need, and promote our brands to become better known among store owners and consumers. Thai Wah stands ready to collaborate with our partners to drive the business forward into the year 2021.

Product Performance innovations focus to improve nutritional outcomes

2019 2020 Target 2021
Number of consumer healthy and wellness products 3 5 6
Developed products that focus on health and wellness to new product (%) 67 50 50

Enhancing Quality and Food Safety

Thai Wah strives to raise employees’ awareness on safety measure in every single production process with efficient traceability system and production validation through use of scientific methods and modern and standardized equipment. The Company’s food manufacturing process is operated in accordance with HACCP and GMP management systems to ensure safety of our food products and comply with laws and regulations of both Thailand and partner countries on food safety.